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Friday, April 30, 2004

spend your time wisely
after weeks of not bloggin,here i am again!!!
juz wana share the things that happened to me for the past few weeks...
last april 4(my mom's bday) we went to eternal garden and visited her but before that our family first attend mass at Loreto Parish and thank God for giving us my mom even just for few years...the next day i,together with rina,glenn,ishtar and ac went to dale's house here in sampaloc and surprised her because she turned 18!we ate jollibee for our merienda,hang out and as usual...joking time!!!we played jokes as what we are fund of...

it's so hot here in the Philippines...finally our barkada decided to go swimming and yes!!!we went to cavite last april 20 at town and country subdivision...i,ta,shyn,inah,rina,glenn,janine,anjielle,alex and keith enjoyed and had fun although onti lng kmi kei nrn!!!janine is rina's cousin and we also invited alex and keith(they're my classmates/college friends) balikan lng kaya we were so tired by the time we reached home...2log!!!

lately ive been busy doing our yearbook and preparing for the yfc camp on May7-9 at galas,qc. it was an exciting event for me because i really prayed to have that activity again in yfc and guess what?!> going to facilitate for the second time!!!whew!isn't it nice?!yeah ryt but im also nervous because it's quite difficult to do...

nweiz...juz bloggin and sharin my moments for the month of april...

c yah on may!!!mwah!!!

-------------shelle---------------- at Friday, April 30, 2004

Saturday, April 10, 2004


i just wanna greet these persons a happy happy birthday:

april 4 - my mom
6 - ate menchie and ms. mantua
10 - katrina dale

hehe!!!happy birthday to all of you...

Yesterday i went to Loreto Parish and we marched with lots of people. it's called "Station of the Cross"... i went there with my sister Inah, my tito and titas. i also saw aira go(former classmate in highschool) and some familiar faces... it's such a nice feeling to be with Christ on His way of the cross although we suffered bcoz of the heat of the sun im glad coz i made it! ive sacrificed even just for a while...

i also watched the life of st. anthony yesterday nyt sa cinema one... im a devotee of st. anthony and i also felt glad and honored to witness his life... ive realized so many things for the past few days and im happy coz i really felt the prescence of God...

til nxt bloggin!tnx!God bless!mwah...

-------------shelle---------------- at Saturday, April 10, 2004

Sunday, March 28, 2004

happiness is...

last Friday(march 26) went to plm and i enrolled for next school year...whew!i'm now incoming sophomore student...hahaha!!!"medyo kapal na mukha" joke!!!

it's such a blessing for me(for us) to finish our freshmen year in college, especially in our school coz it's like survival of the fittest! matindi tlg! luckily i passed all of my subjects.montik na nga sumablay ung iba!but then im a little bit sad bcoz from the 13 of us(our group), now we're only 7 na magkkklase uli...hmmp..not too bad coz we'll still see each other...

nung 1st sem i thought i'll b havin hard time to adjust..."culture shock!"
it's true!ilang beses na rin me umiyak...luckily ive overcome it!now, im greatful to have my friends especially sa trese who'd been with me almost everyday(cno pa nga bang mgkksama kundi tau noh?)no offense to my other friends most especially to our former blockm8s(blk5) im also greatful to have u,un nga lng mas nging close kmi...

i believe u can do things if u have friends with you...i also would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my friends(barkada ko)miss u guyz, sa trese...kip n touch...and to my other friends...thanks for everytin... gettin emotional na here..juz wana say THANKS A LOT!!!ok nrn to dahil bka la na tym to say ur life w/ the fullest!

God bless us all!!!mwah!!!

-------------shelle---------------- at Sunday, March 28, 2004

Sunday, March 21, 2004

FRIENDSHIP is a test...EVERYDAY is a test...

Yesterday I went to Empay's house in Cavite with Beng, Din and Gie. We surprised her because she turned 18 last march 17. We enjoyed the whole night although it's just the four of us...beng was not allowed to sleep over at Empay's house so it's just the four of us who were there...

We watched grudge2 and gothika...whew! we really had a nice time there in Cavite..i waited for the so-called "tiktik" but no one appear...wahaha!you maybe scared!!!

Anyway thanks Empay and to her family who were really hospitable...

Last friday i got my classcards...the night before it, i was so nervous but when the day came i was just silent.what they don't know is that i was praying the whole day and whew!i was so happy coz i've maintained my grades!

it was indeed a hard time for us,plm students..if you only knw guys what's the feeling...i was so thankful as in sooooo thankful that ive surpassed it!!!

-------------shelle---------------- at Sunday, March 21, 2004

Thursday, March 18, 2004

always be greatful...

deadlines,projects,requirements,graded recitations and reports are over!!!

we're now on vacation!!!thank God..but im still worried because tomorrow will be the distribution of our classcards..

my aunties keep on telling me to pray and hope that i'll be able to maintain my grades..just this morning i assumed for my grades..aaargghh!!!

i don't know what will happen tomorrow but im still hoping...Oh God!
hope i'll be able to surpass this...u just dunno what im really feeling right for those who still have their final exams good luck and make the most out of it!God bless!

-------------shelle---------------- at Thursday, March 18, 2004

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